The Joy of Support

Selected support emails show that the idiots really are taking over.

Selected support emails from the past week and the replies they really should have got…

Customer: I am trying to order some flowers, and the webpage is not giving me any choices re: shipping options?? The destination is Hocking. I cannot proceed to the final steps??? – M

Reply: M – Thank you for alerting us to the unclear nature of our checkout messages. Based on your feedback we will be adjusting the message Sorry, we do not deliver to the suburb you have selected to read SORRY!! WE DON’T DELIVER TO THE PLACE THAT YOU WANT US TO DELIVER TO!! SORRY!! THIS IS NOT AN ERROR!! WE DON’T DELIVER THERE!! WE’RE REALLY SORRY AND FEEL REALLY BAD ABOUT IT!! SORRY!!.

Customer: Please stop having these errors. I am trying to order the product i have been unale to match since leaving Austalia and i need them!!!! – Josie

Reply: Josie – Thank you for letting us know that you aren’t enjoying out errors. We’ve turned them off, and you shouldn’t have any more problems.

(note that the text quoted was the entire email – there were no details of what site they were on, where the error was occuring, or what the error said)

Client: Denys – Base do I assume rhis will be pickd up ince you alter teh default – Adam

Reply: Adam – Please explain what the hell you’re talking about?

Proper update coming soon!

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