Region 4 Encoding? We don’t need no steenking Region 4 Encoding!

The sad sad life of the DVD geek.

No updates for a while, I know, but I had a rather busy long weekend and my latest Amazon order arrived on Tuesday meaning that all my spare time has been spent mainlining season two Battlestar Galactica (I finally got sick of waiting for the networks to put it on down here and bought it). Wow, so (SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT!) my favourite minor character goes nuts and kills my favourite major character (or at least one of her). And then just gets 30 days in the brig, which seems fair enough 🙂

I’ve just got three epsiodes left (I’ve been watching two or three each night – how sad am I?) so I should rejoin the land of the living soon 🙂

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