Waiting for the Mashiach

Free Hasidic Dub!

Some years ago (we’re talking like, twelve maybe?) the Simpsons featured a scene with some “Rapping Rabbis” – three stereotyped Hasidic Jews with sunglasses, microphones and bling-bling doing a rather poor rap about Kosher dietary laws (Don’t eat pork, don’t put it on your fork – you can’t touch this! if memory serves). Proving the adage that no concept is so ridiculous as to be impossible in this crazy, mixed up world of ours there is now a real rapping Hasidic Rabbi. He goes by the stage name of Matisyahu and by all accounts he’s actually pretty damn awesome.

What’s more, for a limited time (so don’t come complaining to me if the link doesn’t work in six month’s time) you can download a live version of his song King Without a Crown from Amazon. You do have to have an account with them and log in to get it, but it’s well worth the hassle. Jewish reggae/dub rap rules! 🙂

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