Gothic Horrors of the Blogosphere

Pauley Perette has a Blog. And apparently it’s horrible.

Prompted by my razor-blade-injury-inspired musings of last week, my good friend Rebecca has pointed out that Pauley Perette has a blog. She’s also pointed out that it’s exactly what you’d expect a goth actor blog to read like and is hence horrific 🙂

Arguably the most interesting thing about Ms Perette (that I know about anyway) is that all the online sources I’ve seen (not that I’ve been looking very hard mind you) say she was born in 1968 – thus making her just shy of 40. On NCIS however she looks at least 10 years younger. I figure this is down to either…

  1. A really intensive health regime possibly involving restricted caloric intake and lots of running.
  2. A complete inability on my part to judge age from physical appearance.
  3. Heaping on tons and tons of age concealing makeup looks perfectly natural for a goth 🙂

I’ll stop this subject now before I start showing up on Google as some kind of NCIS/Pauley Perette/Abby fan blog 🙂

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