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Latest news from the relationship front line.

From the Australian Associated Press…

Aussies booziest daters in world: survey
Wednesday Feb 8 00:02 AEDT

Australians are among the booziest daters in the world and least likely to say intelligence turns them on, an international survey has found.

Eighty per cent of Australian men and 70 per cent of women admitted to drinking too much to try to impress possible partners, according to the annual “Romance Report” by publisher Harlequin…

…It also found Aussies, 100 of whom were included in the survey, were the least likely to nominate intelligence as their top turn on.

No Aussie men and only 10 per cent of their female counterparts thought intelligence was more important than physical appearance, a sense of humour and confidence…

Right. So I’m a non-drinker who likes smart women. No wonder I’m single.

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