The Saga Continues

I was hoping to have today off to make up for working Saturday. No such luck, put in another 10 hours. I was also hoping to have tomorrow off – since I arranged to have every second Friday off – but I’m going to have to go in. Probably another nine hours. I’m so tired I can barely think.

So naturally (the universe having it in for me and all) who should I run into on the train? Lyndah of course. Haven’t seen her in months and we run into each other when I’m exhausted, disheveled, suffering from severe sleep deprivation and all my clothes are crumpled up because I haven’t had the time to iron properly. Isn’t it fantastic the way circumstances conspire to screw me over in the most remarkable way possible? *sigh* 🙂

Well at least she said hello. That was nice. She could have walked on past without saying a word – I was strenuously pretending not to have noticed her and was doing a pretty professional job of it (I’m good at looking vague ;-). Things are easier that way – people are way too complicated.

Hmmmm I’m sure there was some other stuff I was going to write about, but I can’t think of it. So I’ll write about something else I was going to write about but couldn’t think of a while ago but can think of now.

So, how’s this for a plot? A scientist working for the Government is messing around with some alien technology. It activates unexpectedly and he finds himself stranded in a parallel universe where a major project taking place in his own universe is far more advanced, to the detriment of all. He’s treated with extreme suspicion by people he regards as his friends but who’ve never actually met him, and one of his closest friends (with radically altered facial hair) turns out to be a dangerous enemy. As disaster approaches he manages to convince the powers that be to give him the resources he needs to return home and save his own world from disaster.

Fans of Stargate-SG1 will of course recognise it as the plot of the episode There but for the Grace of God, recorded in 1998. Fans of Doctor Who on the other hand may recognise it as the plot of Inferno recorded in 1970.

Hmmm, coincidence? 🙂

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