Twirling round… Twirling round…

Alec Eiffel by the Pixies is the sound of the inside of my head. It’s the sound that my brain makes. If you really want to know what it’s like to be me then get hold of a copy, put in on a stereo with a really good subwoofer, turn the volume up loud enough to severely anger the neighbours, hit ‘play’, close your eyes and listen. Really listen. Listen to the individual threads of sound, listen to them in combination, study the beats and patterns. Repeat. Turn down the lights and repeat. Do this enough and you might get some idea of how I think 😀

That twirling round song by Kenobi on the other hand is the complete antithesis of how my brain works. As soon as it comes on the radio my brain goes into total spasm. Axons firing randomly, neurons slamming shut (or is it open? I need to brush up on my neurology) and entire sections of my cortexes (corti?) disconnecting and dancing round and round in a ring much like the animals in the song. If it ever comes on while I’m using scissors there’s every chance I’ll die a horrible bloody death.

Another nine hour day. It probably shows.

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