You know it’s bad enough that Delta Goodrem was nominated for eight ARIAs, let alone that she won seven of them! For crying out loud! >:-|

Although it’s not all bad news from the ARIAs, the Waifs picked up two, so that’s OK then 🙂

Anyway I had today off work, yey! You see my brother Andrew flew off to Vegas last night at some ungodly hour, and since I intended to go out to the airport to see him off I arranged to have today off, so I could sleep. Then at the last minute he informed mum and dad that he didn’t want anyone to see him off because he hates airport goodbyes. So I didn’t need to sleep, or go to work, which is great. If only every day could be like this!

Why is he off to Vegas you ask? Two of his friends are getting married there. By an Elvis impersonator. Which is kind of cool in a weird American movie way. Actually Mark (ie Buster Stiggs, who’s still working with us) wondered if it’s the same Elvis impersonator who married one of his friends from Midnight Oil* when I brought the subject up. Personally I doubt it. It’s a big city after all. With lots of Elivises (Elvii?). Anyway I almost asked Andrew to say hi to Grissom for me, but I didn’t because…

a) He’d have no idea what I was talking about.
b) If I went to the trouble of explaining the reference, he’d think it was stupid.
c) He’d be right 🙂

So, what did I do with my day off? I spent most of the morning re-vamping a post-apocalyptic play by mail game I knocked up a few years ago and which some of the guys expressed an interest in playing some months back. Basically you control a small number of people and, well basically just have to survive after most of the world’s population have perished in a devestating plague. Very 28 Days Later. I’m so way ahead of Hollywood that it’s scary 🙂

Then I did some long overdue cleaning up, including the bathroom, where the sink is still blocked. It’s actually draining now, after the last vicious plungering I gave it, but I don’t know how long that’s going to last. Then I went across the road and bought some bread. So exciting this life of mine!

Pleasingly (to change subject completely) it looks as if the powers that be have finally decided to do something about the heritage-listed art-deco building next door, which is in the process of being slowly destroyed by vandals and the weather. Well, they haven’t done anything about the weather (not much you could do apart from sealing it in a perspex dome or something), but they have erected a tall metal fence (nicely topped with barbed wire) around it. They put up the first bit (which just ran along the street front) on Monday. I thought this was a bit dodgy personally as you could still just walk through the gate, but now they’ve finished the job and extended it right around the building. So, hopefully this means something is going to be done about restoring the place. Either that or they’re going to demolish it. Hopefully the former.

A Fence! Hooray!
Here’s a photo I took on Tuesday (look at that barbed wire gleam!).

Helen I see is taking the opportunity to cook a caserole because she and Ali are having people round. I know exactly the problem she’s refering to, although I tend to run into it with Dolmio Pasta Bake. This, for those not in the know, is a range of pasta sauces you can buy at your local supermarket. You cook up some pasta, stick it in a caserole dish, pour on the sauce, then bake it in the oven for fifteen minutes or so. Most of the flavours are pretty good (although avoid the cheese and onion) but the jars are huge. So if you live alone and you cook it, you’re eating pasta bake for the next three days. Which is extremely annoying. I usually eat it for two days, then get so fed up with it that the final portion sits in the fridge until it goes off, and then I feel all guilty. *sigh*

OK, I’m gonna go now. It’s time for Wheel!! Of!! Fortune!!!

(Just kidding 🙂

Intransigent DNA Influenced Cute Woman of the Week: That girl with the black turtle neck and Lisa Loeb-style glasses on the train last Thursday 😉

PS: Elliot Smith is dead!?! Since when?? :((

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