I don’t wanna be a terrorist!!

Well that was an eventful weekend. I not only saw Pirates of the Carribean (cool film by the way, Johnny Depp is hilarious and Orlando Bloom is surprisingly non-annoying:), but tried to do some cartography (which was defeated by the fact that my GPS isn’t great on elevations) and almost got arrested for trying to smuggle a pocket knife into the airport.

Well OK, I wasn’t almost arrested, just looked at very sternly. And I wasn’t trying to smuggle it in, I just forgot it was in my backpack. But I still had to take off my belt and shoes and get glared at, which was fairly embarrassing. Hmmmm.

(We were there to pick up the aunts by the way, they were getting back from their QEII trip)

That’s about all I’ve got to say 🙂

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