Ack. Not well. I don’t know if it’s the flu, or overwork or lack of sleep or trying to comprehend The Matrix Reloaded which I saw last night (what the…?!) but I’m just really really out of it. I’ve taken today off work thinking I’d get over it, but I don’t feel a whole lot better, even though I’ve slept most of the day. Arrgh.

My sink is still clogged. I made a mistake last week, it had only been three weeks, but now it’s a full month. Thanks to Rebecca’s many irate phone calls *g* we now know the reason why – Josie couldn’t remember if I said it was the kitchen sink or the bathroom sink. So obviously she couldn’t do anything more about the problem could she? Once again, I honestly wonder how that woman can even feed herself unassisted.

Hmmmm I had some other stuff to blog about I’m sure. Oh yeah I happened to catch some of an episode of Gilmore Girls last week. This is not the kind of show I would normally touch with a ten foot clown pole (even if Lauren Grahame is almost as cute as Alisen Down *g*) but I was impressed that within the single half hour I saw while waiting for CSI there were references to no less that three of my favourite bands. Namely the Pixies, the KLF (well, the JAMs actually, but they’re the same people) and They Might be Giants. There was also a somewhat amusing scene involving a giant horse, but I don’t think I’ll make a habit of watching it nonetheless 🙂

OK, going to go now. I’ll try and email people soon, but I want to be a bit more together first.

Ooh! M*A*S*H!! 🙂

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