I wasn’t confused! Honestly!

Hmmm, Helen seems to be under the impression that I was confused by The Matrix Reloaded. I suppose that’s one way of interpreting what I wrote, but it’s not actually what I meant *g*. I understood it all fine, in fact I think I was one of the few people in the cinema to actually get most of what the Architect said (uses lots of big words does that particular program :). What I meant was that I was totally blown away by… OK, I suppose I’d better do the traditional “hide the text against the background” trick here so as not to spoil people (if you’re reading this on my homepage it probably won’t be hidden, so be warned)…

OK, I was totally blown away by the concept that everything we learned in the first movie is a lie. The prophecy, the truth about Zion, the purpose of the One – even the Oracle turns out to be a program! And what’s more it’s all a lie created by the machines! It totally blew my mind (probbaly due in fact to my incipient bout of the flu), and that’s what I meant by my comments.

Another thing that amazed me was the fact that this is the sixth Matrix. The whole cycle of creating Zion and the emergence of the One has happened four times before (remember, the first Matrix failed). Given that Zion starts with 27 people each time and that the population in this version of Zion is 250,000 then the Matrix must be ancient. I did some quick maths the other day, and assuming a 50% population increase in each generation (from both breeding and releasing people from the system) and 25 years per generation that comes to a little under 600 years. So if that’s an average timespan for the One to emerge, then the Matrix must have existed for over 3,000 years. As Keanu (and Helen 😉 says, Woah!

So that’s what I meant. I could talk some more about the film, but Helen’s pretty much said all I would have, so go read her blog 🙂

I’m going now. Have to cook dinner.

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