Oh for the love of sanity…

The email newsletter registration and the competition registration can be the same responder. We don’t need 2 separate links, one will be fine. In this case, when they click on the competition button it should say that they are also adding their name to our email database. When they have clicked on ENTER and it takes them to the next page, we need to add this after the text:

Can you add this in please after ‘submit’…..

It is a condition of entry that all entries automatically receive our new e-newsletter. The monthly e-newsletter will inform you of any specials, new label releases, product information or special promotions that we may run.

Dale and James, as we are now merging these 2 things into one compared to your quote, I assume that you now should be able to do these 2 things in the time it takes to do one. Can you please requote on that change for me.

I got this email today at work from one of our clients who is revamping her website, and it just about made me beat my head against the walls at her sheer…. either stupidy or audacity, I can’t tell which. Her original specification, which we quoted on, and she approved called for two separate pages, one for the competiton, one for the email newsletter registration. Both of these have been created, and uploaded to her site. So what she’s proposing is like agreeing to pay a painter $1000 to do half a room in red, and the other half in white, then once it’s finished telling him to strip off all the paint he’s just put up, and redo the entire room in pink. Stupid sure, but would you then expect to pay only $500 for the entire job because the end product is half of what you originally asked for? Like Hell!!

Honestly, I sometimes wonder if the entire human race apart from myself and my friends are complete and utter imbeciles. Then I turn on the TV and see yet another repeat of Everybody Loves Raymond and realise that they are.


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