I know exactly what you mean

Hmmmm, tell me about it. I’m 26 and in the same situation. No girls anywhere near my horizon. Working in IT as I do the odds are against me, we’re still a very much male dominated industry*. And it’s not like I have any kind of social life, apart from occasional openings. So when it comes to meeting women, basically I just don’t.

I can at least say I’ve been asked out, once, but that only happened because the girl in question was seriously deranged*. I played the “just want to be friends” card (which wasn’t even true in fact) to get out it. So nothing happened there, which everything considered is no bad thing. Nonetheless I just wish a nice, mentally stable girl would display some kind of interest in me at some point. And if she happened to be a (in the words of Stephanie) “brunette science chick*” so much the better 🙂

I tell you what Helen, if I ever save up enough cash to make it to the UK, and we’re both still in the same situation, we’ll go on a date. Nice restaurant, bouquet of flowers, the whole production. That way we can both claim at least one date and feel slightly less pathetic. Deal? 🙂

OK, I’m going to go listen to Kasey Chambers and get all depressed now. That hidden track’s a killer eh?

* And overweight, nerdish male dominated at that, which at least means there isn’t too much competition 🙂

* Well seriously emotionaly disturbed anyway. Severe self esteem problems coupled with an inferiority complex that she’d cover for with pathological lying and obssesive one-upmanship. Not the most attractive qualities in the world.

* Examples of “brunette science chicks” from the world of television include Miranda Fieglesteen from Mysterious Ways, Jorja Fox’s character in CSI and that Vulcan from Enterprise. Of course in the latter case that “once every seven years” thing would be a bit of a drag 😉

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