Another Stopgap

I am not dead.

I say this to reassure anyone who may be wondering why I haven’t made an entry in just over a week. I am not dead, or ill, or in jail. I’m just very busy.

A lot of this busy-ness comes down to the fact that Rebecca was staying for a while. This necessitated slightly more cooking and cleaning than usual (although stir fries do tend to cut down on the washing up I’m happy to report), but more than that required me to engage in conversation and other social activities to the exclusion of computer time. Not that, I hasten to add, I minded 🙂 But, it does mean I have been neglecting the old weblog a bit.

I’m getting things back on track now. Although I still need to do a massive wash up tonight and clean out the fridge (I intended to do that last night, but got sidetracked by Rove Live). The bottle of sesame oil has been leaking a bit and you do not want rancid sesame oil pooling at the bottom of your fridge, I can tell you. No, not at all.

I’ll see about making a longer entry tonight. If my dishpan hands are up to typing 😉

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