Extensive Deposits of Geological Interest

At the moment at work we’re creating a site for a company that rents out holiday properties. As the lazy so-and-so’s haven’t provided us with any data yet, it’s been handed over to me to knock up some samples to test the system with. This is not a good idea 😉

I started off fairly simply…

Small self contained unit with cooking and cleaning facilities supplied. Hidden from road by dense mulbury bushes. Would suit elderly hermit or insouciant recluse seeking to escape the frustrating modern world for a few days or weeks. No pets.

Seeing that that didn’t provoke any major problems, I decided my next effort would be a little more, well, odd…

Stately hillside manse with extensive views of cow pastures, turves and hillocks. Perfect for the amatuer agricultural enthusiast with too much time on their hands, or military types needing a good view of approaching cavalry.

Happy with that I pulled out a few more stops and went slightly surreal…

Converted rustic cow shed with hay floors and individual stalls for the kiddies. Would suit large families or xenophobic mushroom farmers with something to hide. Pets and survivalists welcome.

Finally I decided that in our post-modern age sense and/or meaning are, strictly speaking, redundant, and came up with the following little gem…

Semi-detached gypsy haywain with hanging buttreses and soaring pinnacles. Excellent multi-range field-state coverage and optional subdivided seraphim and cherubim. Extensive deposits of geological interest.

So far this outburst of creativity has caused no problems around the office. However the clients are yet to examine the site 😉

Thanks to Mark by the way for his plugging of the Tales. I really have to get a new one up soon don’t I? I was planning to take two weeks off mid July to visit Rebecca in Kal, and get a new chapter written, but the Government has seen fit to prevent this by assigning me to Jury Duty. And as “writing” is not on the list of permittable reasons for non-attendance there’s not a lot I can do (apart from maybe joining the Universal Life Church and claiming an exemption as a ‘minister of religion’). So now I’ve pushed back my plans a month, which at least means I’ll be in Kal for Rebecca’s birthday.

That is all 🙂

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