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Well, after the wettest April day on record, we just had the hottest May day on record. 34 point something, with heavy overcast and a bit of weak drizzle. Today isn’t going to be much better. It’s like living in Singapore for crying out loud!

Also rather depressing is the fact that the archetypal Australian soap opera Neighbours celebrates 4000 episodes this week. 4000?! What the heck is this? Are we so creatively vapid as a nation that we’ll keep something with the approximate cultural value of a crippled banana slug going for 4000 episodes? Apparently so.

On the subject of Neighbours it has been bought to my attention (by Stephanie) that Americans (and Canadians) don’t appear to have any soaps that deal with the lives of ordinary (although rather annoying) people going about their fairly ordinary lives, like Neighbours and it’s Network 7 rival Home and Away. Over there it’s all fashion designers or captains of industry, generally rich bastards who look down on the poplace at large. The fact that here in Australia our top rating soaps are about ordinary, everyday people (ordinary everyday people having love affairs, getting in car accidents, losing or making money in stupidly risky ventures and generally having much more exciting lives than they justifiably should, but still) probably says a lot about the difference between the American and Australian dreams. Americans aspire after great wealth and properity, rising above the masses. Aussies just want a quarter acre block in the suburbs and a sleep in on the weekends.

Or something. Thesis comparing Australian and American culture through their soaps anyone?

Ah, Helen thinks I’m capable of finishing Douglas Adams’ final novel. This is extremely flattering, thank you 🙂 Actually I did start work on a Dirk Gently novella as a tribute soon after DNA’s tragic passing, if it ever gets into any kind of publishable shape (rather doubtful) I might post bits of it here. In the meantime I’ll plagerise completely and post a bit of the real thing that Helen posted on her blog, mainly because it makes me laugh (the quote that is, not the blog 🙂

“The phone was ringing. Dirk answered it. He sighed. It was Thor, the ancient Norse God of Thunder. Dirk knew immediately it was him from long, portentous silence and the low grumblings of irritation followed by strange, distant bawling noises. Thor did not understand phones very well. He would usually stand ten feet away and shout godlike commands at them. This worked surprisingly well as far as making the connection was concerned, but made actual conversation well-nigh impossible.”

Ah, good old confused, irritable, modern-age challenged Thor! If only I could write that well.

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