Run Lola Run/Dance Dance Karnov

OK, Run Lola Run kicks some serious backside. This is easily the most intelligent and compelling film I’ve seen in ages, and I suggest that everyone with even half a brain goes out and rents, if not buys a copy. It takes about five minutes to get used to the dubbing (asuming you’re not watching it in the original German), but after you’ve made the adjustment it’s brilliant. First Das Boot, now this – those Germans sure know what they’re doing.

(Yes, let’s define the whole of German cinema on the basis of two films made almost 20 years apart shall we? 😉

So I now have five favourite films, Ghostbusters, Clerks, The Blues Brothers, Run Lola Run, and the other one I can never actualy remember (Groundhog Day? I have no idea). Huge thanks to Rebecca, who gave it to me on DVD for my birthday. I’m going to have to find you something really good now aren’t I? ;D

On a similar (or at least similarly named) subject, everyone should check out Dance, Dance Karnov, one of the oddest online games I’ve ever seen. Use the arrow keys to make Karnov dance and defeat Green Fish Guy With a Bag and Hand Down Pants! Disco music! Wigs! Pointy shoes! It’s all here people!

Finally a word of advice to female R&B artists – keep away from the Caribbean for the forseeable future. There’s something going on down there.

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