Pondering Pandora

A new gift store has just opened on Rokeby Road near Subiaco railway station. I go past it twice a day on the bus, and over the last week it’s been starting to worry me. There are big signs up announcing the grand opening, and bunches of balloons, and other assorted promotional stuff, but that’s not what concerns me. It’s the name. Pandora’s Box Gifts.

Now, as all should be aware Pandora’s box is a reference to Greek mythology, in which it was a box filled with all the evils and horrors of the world. This was given (in a fit of abstraction so typical of the Greek gods) to Pandora, who was told never to open it. Predictably (being a woman in one of those “let’s blame women for everything” myths so beloved by patriachal societies) she does in short order, releasing all the evils that plague the world to this day. In a sudden bit of unwomanly clear thinking however, Pandora did manage to snap it shut at the last minute, preventing the escape of Hope, which now keeps us going in the face of all the aforementioned evils.

(What hope was doing in a box full of horrors and evils is never really explained, unless the author took the Norse mythological view of hope as the drool that drips from the mouth of the Fenris wolf. Great at parties those Norsemen.)

So, the name is completely inappropriate for a store purporting to sell gifts. It’s like St Vivisectionist’s Hospital for Children, or Buddy Holly Airlines. I don’t know what the proprietors were thinking.

In other news (a phrase I think I’m using far too much lately) my attempts to transfer data from my old computer to my new one are back on track after Clare kindly donated the carcase of her old machine (sans hard drive). I’ve salvaged the floppy drive, and my old machine is happily purring away without making horrible choking noises and dying when I try to read a disc. So thank you very much Clare 🙂 I’ll see if I can’t get a new Tale up soon in payment.

That’s it. I’m done for now. Got to go pack boxes.

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