Burning Creative Obsession

Well I haven’t made any entries over the last few days because I’ve been pretty busy coding a computer game that infringes on any number of of well established MTV copyrights. Under the thrall of white hot burning creative obsession I’ve been sitting up late, typing away with little regard for time, the TV (“Armageddon” was on, so it’s not like I missed much apart from some fairly dodgy astrophysics), or my biological need for 10 hours sleep a night.

I’m only writing now because my severely sleep deprived state this morning caused me to consume a whole 600ml of a certain caffinated beverage. Then I consumed another 600ml on top of some paracetemol. This may not sound like much, but when you don’t actually drink tea or coffee, and only consume said caffinated beverage about once a month, it can have a surprisingly stimulating effect on your metabolism. By which I mean twitching, grunting and gibbering. But at least I contributed 400 points to Bevan’s scheme to buy a mouse.

Tomorrow I’ll probably start on the Red Bull.

If I ever actually get the aforementioned game finished it will be something of an achievement, as every other game I’ve attempted to program has collapsed in a fit of apathy and spaghetti code. However even if I do manage to get it into some kind of playable state I will derive very little in return for my valiant efforts as…

  1. It’s chock-a-load full of copyrighted images and concepts, meaning that even if I release it as freeware MTV lawyers shall descend upon my head like the pigeons of hell, waving cease and desist orders and crying for vengeance.
  2. It’s a really sucky and pointless game.

But hey, when white hot burning creative obsession calls, you gotta accept the charges.

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