You’re a Solarsaurus!

Who fries molasses?

Dagnabit! Why didn’t they have anything this cool when I was a kid?

Official B.P.R.D. Training Camp (AKA, Hellboy Camp)

On another subject, just for the hell of it, I decided to transcribe the “lyrics” of that French black metal monstrosity I posted yesterday. These of course are not the real lyrics, as FADADES is presumably screeching and gurgling in French, but I quite like my interpretation…

I’m sorry, stray asses!
You sold us! Tell us!
You’re a solarsaurus!
You sold us! Sold us!
He lives… Stole us!
Truth! Urrrgh!
Who? Who fries molasses?
He stole us! Tell us!
This… You liars! With us!
To us! Trust!
You sell us! Urgh!
Stole us! Arrgh!
You liars! With us!

Who fries molasses indeed FADADES? Who fries molasses indeed…

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