Oh, like I seriously wasn’t going to troll you!

In response to yesterday’s post about the Black Satans, frequent commenter Martin C. recommended looking up Troll Metal. I did, and have to echo his comment of TROLL ON!!

It’s like Limbonic Art without all that annoying screeching!

Enjoy some more Troll Metal here, here and here.

On another subject, good lord, the Government is just falling to bits. I already had a horrible feeling that Tony Abbot was going to win the election, this pretty much makes it a certainty ๐Ÿ™

Power Up

I’ve probably mentioned most of these tracks at some point or other, but I’m having a rough day at work and needed some pumping up, so here they are again…

Cro Magnon – Caledonia
Laibach – B Mashina
Tanzwut – Tocatta
Course of Empire – The Information
Amon Amarth – Valhall Awaits Me
Alestorm – Wolves of the Sea

Sure, after listening to all of those you’ll probably feel like punching someone, but that’s arguably better than wanting to fall asleep ๐Ÿ™‚

You’re a Solarsaurus!

Who fries molasses?

Dagnabit! Why didn’t they have anything this cool when I was a kid?

Official B.P.R.D. Training Camp (AKA, Hellboy Camp)

On another subject, just for the hell of it, I decided to transcribe the “lyrics” of that French black metal monstrosity I posted yesterday. These of course are not the real lyrics, as FADADES is presumably screeching and gurgling in French, but I quite like my interpretation…

I’m sorry, stray asses!
You sold us! Tell us!
You’re a solarsaurus!
You sold us! Sold us!
He lives… Stole us!
Truth! Urrrgh!
Who? Who fries molasses?
He stole us! Tell us!
This… You liars! With us!
To us! Trust!
You sell us! Urgh!
Stole us! Arrgh!
You liars! With us!

Who fries molasses indeed FADADES? Who fries molasses indeed…

The Weather is Trying to Kill Me

Pirates are all we can be!

Seriously. We’ve had two weeks of maximums in the mid 30’s and minimums in the low 20’s, and this week it’s ramped up to high 30’s with minimums in the mid 20’s. If it doesn’t cool down after that, I’ll be dead.

Until then, what could be cooler than a Scottish metal cover of a Eurovision song about pirates? In my opinion, nothing!

That is all.


Qui potare non potestis, ite procul ab his festis.

A German metal band (taking their name from the medieval dancing manias and featuring bagpipes) takes a medieval Latin drinking song and sets it to Bach’s Toccata and Fuge in D Minor.

Tanzwut – Toccata (the song begins at 1:50 if you’re impatient)

I can not think of a single thing about this that is not awesome.

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