4 thoughts on “Words I Really Like”

  1. Off the top of my head, no googly cheating other than for spelling, here are the immediate associations I have with those names:

    Ninurta – Summerian ‘goddess’ and/or Anunnaki genetic progenitor/ manipulator.

    Melchizedek – A really old dude and/or ‘The Melchizedek Order’, whatever that is.

    Zadok – A Sadducean priest as in ‘Zadok the Priest’. On a side note: in my lightly held opinion pending further evidence, I believe the Essenes had it right.

    1. Pretty good, although you’re conflating Melchizadek with Methusela.

      In any case, the meanings are irrelevant. I like these words simply because of the way they sound.

      1. Oh, if it’s about how they sound I was thinking ‘Nurgle’ and ‘Slaanesh’ would fit in that list nicely :p

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