Calling all Creeps

From the Sydney Morning Herald

A self-styled pick-up artist who thinks rape should be legalised wants like-minded Sydney men to meet up and bond later this month.

A “neomasculinist” online group whose supporters believe rape should be legalised on private property and that women are biologically determined to follow the orders of men will meet for the first time in real life in Sydney on Saturday.

The meeting, at 8pm in Hyde Park in Sydney and at 43 other locations around the world, is organised by US-based “neomasculinist” and legal rape advocate, Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh.

He has said women, transgender men and homosexual men were not invited.

I fully support this meeting! Getting all the vermin together in one spot will make it so much easier to exterminate them.

(Disclaimer: As we inhabit a fallen age where the ability to understand or even recognise instances of satire and hyperbole is a lost art I would like to clearly state that I in no way advocate or encourage the killing, injury or assault of Daryush Valizadeh or any of his disgusting little reptilian followers. No matter how satisfying such action would be.)

4 thoughts on “Calling all Creeps”

  1. He wants rape to be legalized? YOU FUCKING DUMB BASTARD OF A IDIOT!! How about somebody rapes u mate and lets see if u still want it legalized. I bet if you were raped mate, you wouldn’t even THINK about having rape legalized,

    Sorry Denys if this rant offends but i needed to get my opinion out there. Please feel free to delete this post if needed ok?

    1. Delete your post? I’d like to tattoo it on Valizadeh’s forehead.

      His “logic” (if you could grace it with such a label) is that women suffer sexual assault because they don’t take enough precautions. If rape was legal on private property then women would be much more careful, and there would be less rape.

      The idea is so obviously batshit that I’m not going to waste time tearing it into a million pieces. And I doubt Valizadeh even believes it, it’s likely just a cover story to make his insane fantasy world sound slightly more palatable to those of us who aren’t sociopaths.

  2. The insane ideas of this ‘man’ Roosh as have been published are stupid and retarded and possibly stealing oxygen from legitimate human rights issues that specifically concern men. It should go without saying that it is in no way masculine to rape women and rape in any form is never ok.

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