Enter the Myrka!

Feel like I’ve been in a kind of holding pattern of late. All sorts of things I should be doing, but just lacking the energy or motivation to do them. I start every weekend thinking of things I’m going to get done, and then realise it’s Sunday evening and I’ve achieved none of them. And this isn’t even stressing me out really, I just feel kind of vaguely disappointed…

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to make a blog entry for several weeks. So here I am. It won’t be particularly long, or interesting, but I figure it’ll shift a little of the inertia, which has to be a good thing.

Dr Who. The new series has launched, and I’m quite impressed. In particular by Michelle Gomez as the Master (I find calling her ‘Missy’ annoying. Deal with it). I didn’t really like her in the last season, she didn’t seem to have much depth, but in the latest two episodes – when we got to see her doing more than just running around and being eccentric – she’s fantastic! There were scenes when she was practically channeling Roger Delgado, but without doing anything as crass as an impersonation. That bit where she almost talked the Doctor into killing Clara – without even batting an eyelid – downright chilling! Well done!

And the story was pretty damn good too. Going back to the origins of Davros – that’s a massive risk but I think it paid off. They even managed to make the guy seem sympathetic (for a while at least!).

Not that it was perfect. Colony Sarf, what was he (they?) about? What’s the connection between Daleks and snakes? And the sonic sunglasses? I hope they lose those pretty soon. And the roll call of locations from the last couple of seasons – the universe is vast, why do we keep coming back to the same damn space bar with the same damn species hanging round in it? I did think the Hand Mines were pretty dumb, but then I realised they might be the distant ancestors of those sensors that showed up in Asylum of the Daleks, so they get a pass.

In any case, I’m quite looking forwards to tonight’s episode. Seems to be set in a seabase. I wonder if the Myrka will put in appearance?

That’s it! You can go!

One thought on “Enter the Myrka!”

  1. I have to admit that Gina Colemann is starting t piss me of as the doctors companion or is the character itself? Not sure which or why but she.
    Another thing, I agree with you that the Baddie are severely lacking in evil plans and just plain evil Missy/Master is a lot of fun but I wanna see some of the old enemies. This is “supposed” to be the Doctors last reincarnation, then let some old enemies come back and play. You know, The Full Circle Effect. Lets go back to Gallifrey. It’s been screwed with so much over the years, surely the Time Lock must of weakened enough to get through. After all, The Master managed to help bring Galiffrey back into the universe until the Doctor severed the link (The End of Time part 2 season 4 new series) and with what they did to the Planet in the 50th anniversary special. I wanna see the Time Lords return to be the ultimate enemy. After all, they are the nastiest protagonists in the universe. Well at least I believe so……..

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