Some Notes

1: Brumby’s – Having one product labeled “Cheese and Bacon Roll” and another labeled “Roll – Bacon and Cheese” is just asking for trouble.

2: Just finished Anno Dracula 1918 – The Bloody Red Baron and it’s auxiliary content. Richard the Third!? I didn’t see that coming!

3: There are days when I’d really like to be a Water Bear

2 thoughts on “Some Notes”

  1. 1. I don’t understand why Brumby’s and/or Bakers Delight (both of which sell very ordinary and bland bread products IMO) don’t get into the sandwich making business on the side? The amount of times i’ve been looking for a lunchbar and all there is around is a Brumby’s and I’m like: “Nah, it’s all too bready – i’d rather go without.” It would be a big hit with tradies and the like looking for a bite to eat at lunch.

    2. No one ever sees Richard the Third coming. He uses Richard One & Two to misdirect your attention.

    3. Water Bear starts off I and was like “ok, what the eff is this shite?” – and if that is your reaction too, I recommend stick with it until 1min:35 sec in – it sounds amazing!

    1. 1: Brumby’s does sell rolls, but not always. It’s annoying, I decide I feel like one of their ham and salad dealies and go in, only to find they haven’t made any that day. Very weird.

      2: I am speechless. I am without speech.

      3: Even better, it’s all acapella. He just uses a recording/playback thing to multiply his voice.

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