This Cannot be Borne!

The minimum temperature last night was 27.7 degrees. I think we can all agree that this is ridiculous and something should be done.

I suggest sending a fleet of tugs down to Antarctica to snap off a bit of ice shelf and tow it back here. We can then hack chunks off of it and helicopter them up into the hills. The easterlies will turn nice and cool, and the runoff will go straight into the dams. It’s a win-win situation!

Get onto it Premier! I command you!

One thought on “This Cannot be Borne!”

  1. Yep, its thorougly grotesque….do what i do. Lots of iced drinks…and get Eurosport on your cable network. I watch endless hours of European wintersports…its surprisingly effective…if you concentrate hard enough…oh and keep chanting the mantra…”only a couple of months to go, only a couple of months to go..” Failing that take a trip to Canada, it’s sublime in the winter….

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