Kusanagi on a crutch! It turns out I did lose a bunch of important data when my hard drive died a while back 🙁

Most of it I can reconstruct – with some hard work. What’s frustrating is that I’m sure there’s some of it that I can’t remember, which means I can’t reconstruct it, which means it’s lost forever. It’s also personally galling that I didn’t back it up in the first place – I was so certain that I’d backed up everything important, so to miss such a big chunk of data is just humiliating.

Well, I guess it’ll encourage me to be more careful with backups in future 🙁

At least last night’s Hamster Wheel cheered me up somewhat…

4 thoughts on “Fracksticks!”

    1. It’s well known in the industry that we techie types are terrible at backing up our personal data.

      The fact that I backed up most of my files makes me a strange exception 🙂

  1. “Plumbers with leaky taps in their house”
    “Cabinet makers with squeaky doors”
    “Lawyers that speak only truth at home”
    “Bankers that… $hit, they should go do something useful or just shoot themselves right now.”

  2. 🙂 everyone does or doesn’t do it..

    Me to client…”have you done a full back up, in case we cant recover the database files…?
    A…Of course i have…don’t patronise me, i know what i’m doing…

    Hmmm. Whats the last time/ datestamp say?..

    Ahhhh,…..(long pause) dont do anything, i’ll call you back soon…

    Hmmm…ok. Click.

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