I Dream of Nikki

Dreams are weird.

Back in primary school, in year seven, I sat next to a girl named Nicole Mooney. I couldn’t say that we were actually friends, but, as I recall it, we got on fairly well – or at least as well as a 12 year old boy and girl actually can. We had a little routine we’d engage in, in which she’d claim that I’d drive a Saint to sin, and I’d claim that she’d drive a man to drink. We’d sit there muttering “Saint to sin!”, “Man to drink!” back and forth to each other until the teacher yelled at us to shut up.

At the end of the year we left primary school and moved on to the different high schools. I’ve haven’t seen her, or even heard tell of her since.

But here’s the weird thing – I often dream about her.

Not, I hasten to add, in any creepy kind of way – she just has a habit of turning up as a bit player in whatever nonsensical carryings on are going on in my sleeping brain. Often she’ll be accompanied by a mixed cast of people I knew in high school, but she’s the only person there from primary school. Weird.

I have no idea what, if anything, this means. Logic tells me dream-version-Nicole is nothing but a glitching neuron buried deep in my cerebral cortex. But every time I wake up with her in my head I can’t help but wonder what she’s doing these days, and if she ever dreams about me.

8 thoughts on “I Dream of Nikki”

  1. Hmmm, dont believe she’s just a random neuron…i think the brain’s deeper than that…perhaps you should be listening :).

    1. So I should use teh awsum powahs of teh interwebs to track her down and say “We’re obviously meant to be! Abandon the life you’ve built and come live with me on my magical flying airship!”

      I think not 😀

      (I’d need a magical flying airship for starters…)

  2. No. Use your supposedly giant intellect to seek her out, find out what her life turned out like. And stop be being such an asinine smart-ass.

    1. But being an asinine smart-ass is what I’m best at! 🙂

      But seriously, I think I like the mystery more than I like the idea of a solution. And if I was to find her, an explanation of “I keep dreaming about you so thought I’d look you up” comes across as a bit more creepy than I like to be.

  3. Ironic if she DID drive her man to drink, and then that was your chance to woo her with your saintly charm, with your sin being the plying of the ex with more drink to really get him out of the picture.

    But seriously, that is rather a sweet story, Denys.

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