5 thoughts on “All Hail the Higgs”

  1. I discovered a new musical genre when my Boson went nova. Bossanova. boom tish!
    thanks, you’ve been a great audience. I’ll be here all night.

    1. Yes, it is rather amusing. I suspect they decided to call a press conference because word was leaking out all over the place. Better to firmly state “We’re certain we’ve probably found it” than have a dozen rumours floating around saying they’ve found it, or they may have found it, or they think they’ve found it, or a mysterious man in a bow tie with no ID was found wandering around the place saying they’ve found it and so on 🙂

      1. Well regardless they’ve made a huge stride in getting this close even if it’s not a solid yes we’ve found it. Kudos CERN!! Well done.

  2. Sigma 5!
    is that like warp 9 in the world of science?!
    Helm! Set a course for Geneva. Sigma 5……Engage!

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