4 thoughts on “Questions in Biology”

  1. perhaps you can test this hypothesis by asking the cute goth chick who works at the cafe across the road to give you ‘the cough test’. 😉

    1. Cute goth chick at the cafe across the road? I think dear sir you must be conflating a number of different, totally unatainable women, mention of whom have graced this blog over the years.

      1. Hey, don’t underestimate yourself. You’re a good looking (and especially dapper in that hat and coat), highly intelligent bloke. ALL women are unobtainable, in that they can’t be obtained or possessed, just like you would not wish to be considered a possession, but appreciated and loved for all that you are. (I know you know this, i’m just breaking down your word usage). The words we use are not merely the expression of our thinking but can also be a constraint on how we think. A little bit of confidence, a swagger in your step and you’ll feel right as rain. Remember: geeks are sexy!

        1. Dude! Whatever they’ve got you on, lower the dosage! ;D

          Just kidding, but hey, this post outlines some issues with your most admirable philosophy.

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