Minecraft Update

For the next part of my Minecraft project I’m going to need to breed and slaughter 229 cows, craft 545 wooden planks, harvest 687 sugar canes, mine 640 blocks of sand and 81 blocks of cobblestone and burn 10 units of coal.

For the first floor.

Of about one tenth of the entire project.

At least I already have the diamonds and obsidian I need…

8 thoughts on “Minecraft Update”

  1. huh..huh..huh he said ‘need to breed’
    huh..huh.. and ‘wooden planks’
    huh..huh… need wood to breed

      1. oh and i can get you the sugar cane. After all, I do live in sugar cane country. You just gotta figure out how to convert it into computer game code. 😉

  2. Once the Big Project™ is complete you’re all welcome to see it.

    After a week and a half of frantic building it’s at about 20%. So it’ll be a while 🙂

  3. Oh, and for the section after this one I’ll need to mine 7,360 blocks of sand – give or take. But that will bring the project to about 40% completion.

  4. There’s no putting this genie back in the bottle, is there? I’d recommend slowing down. Rome wasn’t built in a day and considering the size of a minecraft world is slightly bigger than neptune, whatever you build is going to be like a grain of sand on the beach, anyway. Take frequent breaks between MC sessions. Walk down to the river or a park (try not to punch the trees). Practice deep breathing exercises and don’t think about minecraft (or pink sheep) for as long as you can. Good luck, and may the Silk Touch be with you.

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