Denys, Why U No Post?

Damn you Notch!

On Sunday Ryan did a very evil thing. He showed me Minecraft.

I have strenuously been avoiding even seeing Minecraft ever since it came out, on the assumption that I would become instantly hooked. As it turns out, I was completely right.

Expect a more regular posting schedule once I’ve mined and crafted myself into exhaustion 🙂

10 thoughts on “Denys, Why U No Post?”

  1. Good for him! bout time some one got you out of Fallout. lol
    Next game TF2…….MAWAhahahaha

    (by the way I don’t understand the addiction of Minecraft.) 🙁

  2. What’s to get? It lets you…
    a) Mine
    b) Craft

    But seriously I figure everyone who enjoys it does so for different reasons. I like having a 3D environment that’s easy to manipulate, while at the same time facing challenges within that environment.

  3. I imagine I’ll burn out on Minecraft eventually, but in the meantime I’m working on something that, when complete, will be bloody impressive. I’ve just got to deal with creepers blowing it up and endermen taking it apart. And find some more iron… and some redstone would be nice… oh and I definitely need some lapis lazuli… and I’ll need to level a few hills… and breed some more chickens for arrows… and I’m going to need more wood… lots of wood…. and I’ll have to strip mine that desert for sandstone…

    1. Ryan, do you realize just what you’ve created here? He’ll never stop! NEVER!!! I hold you personally responsible. :()

    2. Huh… huh… he said “wood”
      Huhuh… he “needs” wood
      Huh… huh… he needs “lots” of wood huh… huh…
      Huhuh… wood! Huhuh…
      Huh… huh… huh…
      Huhuh… he’s so gay… Huhuh…
      Huh… huh… huh… gay wood! Huh…
      Huhuh… he needs gay wood!
      Huh… huh… wood!

        1. Whichever one of you maniacs made that comment (Ryan – I’m looking at you) signed as the Great Cornholio, so it must be Beavis.

          Or, maybe it really is Beavis… 🙂

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