Ask and You Shall Receive

Great minds think alike…

So, last week the wreck of the Titanic received legal protection to prohibit people heading down and taking souvenirs. I learnt this fact from a couple of blithering fools on the radio who went on to speculate on how such a law could possibly be enforced – because, after all, what’s to stop anyone from putting on a SCUBA kit and taking a swim?

Among my dark mutterings about the lack of education concerning the depth of the oceans in general, the depth of the Titanic wreck site in particular and the limitations of SCUBA diving I wondered if Randal over at XKCD had ever done one of his famous charts about the matter. Not three days later, what appears on the XKCD site? This.

I’m now going to spend a fair bit of time wondering if Randal will post a comic explaining in precise detail how I get a date with Alisen Down. Hey, it’s gotta be worth a try! 🙂

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