My Favourite Bathtime Gurgles

By which I actually mean my favourite blogs, webcomics, etcetera. It’s been a while so I thought an update might be in order…

Boing Boing – The grandaddy of all ‘random cool stuff ‘ blogs. Be sure to check out the submitterator for upcoming random cool stuff (and – depending on how well the spam filter’s working – promotional articles about public injury lawyers in Toad Suck Oklahoma).
Warren Ellis – They call him “Internet Jesus”.
Hyperbole and a Half – Rarely updated recently for various reasons, but wonderful. The tale of moving the dogs cross-country made me laugh so hard I almost passed out (literally).
Strange Maps – Exactly what it says on the tin.
Building Blog – Urban speculation and wild flights of fancy
The Worst of Perth – Everything that’s wrong with our fair city.
Not Always Right – Insane customer service stories.
Lamebook – I don’t have a Facebook account. This is one of the reasons why.
Regretsy – Fat, jealous losers critique the astonishing garbage and mass produced  crap people attempt to sell through ‘crafting’ site Etsy.
Studies in Crap – The finest in forgotten and bewildering crap.

Bad Machinery – Continuing strange goings on in the Midlands town of Tackleford. The current plot involves selkies (one of my favourite types of mythical beasts…)
Gunnerkrigg Court – Continuing strange goings on in a very unusual school.
Dresden Codak – Transhumanism, cyborgs and amazing artwork. An Ayn Rand analogue has just shown up, which should be… interesting.
Romantically Apocalyptic – Post-nuclear madness and (more) amazing  artwork. You shall obey Zee Captain!
XKCD – Wonderful geekiness.
Girl Genius – Ongoing gaslight fantasy adventures (don’t call it steampunk! They don’t like it!)
Wondermark – Recycling Victoriana into surrealism. Tusky McMammoth is my favourite.
Subnormality – Observations on the human condition. And Sphinxes.
Scandinavia and the World – What if countries were people? Stupid people?

There you go. That should keep y’all occupied.

3 thoughts on “My Favourite Bathtime Gurgles”

  1. Some great links there Denys. Bathtime gurgles just got gigglier! Proceeding to bookmark them all when I should be doing other things.

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