Stand Still, Stay Silent

Stumbled over a new webcomic this week. Well, not strictly speaking new, it’s been going since 2013, but it’s new to me, which is what matters in my small, self-centered world.

Titled Stand Still, Stay Silent it’s set 90 years after a plague wiped out most of the world’s population and transformed almost all mammals into hideous abominations. Civilisation survives in Iceland and a few pockets of Scandinavia and Finland – the rest of the planet is left alone as “The Silent World”. The survivors have turned back to their ancient traditions and belief systems while still maintaining as much technology as possible, so it’s a world of tanks, trains and assault rifles paired with runes and spells – except for those crazy Swedes and Danes who don’t believe in magic. And cats. Cats are important.

Here’s a map

The story is that of the first expedition out into the Silent World. The first badly funded and under-trained mission, whose real job isn’t actually to explore, it’s to make money or (more likely) die trying.

The plot is interesting, the setting is fascinating and the art is top notch. So go check it out! The prologue (set in the current day when the plague emerges) starts here, and the main plot here. You could probably skip the prologue if you really want to but there’s good background info in there, so don’t.

So check it out, and enjoy!

My Favourite Bathtime Gurgles

By which I actually mean my favourite blogs, webcomics, etcetera. It’s been a while so I thought an update might be in order…

Boing Boing – The grandaddy of all ‘random cool stuff ‘ blogs. Be sure to check out the submitterator for upcoming random cool stuff (and – depending on how well the spam filter’s working – promotional articles about public injury lawyers in Toad Suck Oklahoma).
Warren Ellis – They call him “Internet Jesus”.
Hyperbole and a Half – Rarely updated recently for various reasons, but wonderful. The tale of moving the dogs cross-country made me laugh so hard I almost passed out (literally).
Strange Maps – Exactly what it says on the tin.
Building Blog – Urban speculation and wild flights of fancy
The Worst of Perth – Everything that’s wrong with our fair city.
Not Always Right – Insane customer service stories.
Lamebook – I don’t have a Facebook account. This is one of the reasons why.
Regretsy – Fat, jealous losers critique the astonishing garbage and mass produced  crap people attempt to sell through ‘crafting’ site Etsy.
Studies in Crap – The finest in forgotten and bewildering crap.

Bad Machinery – Continuing strange goings on in the Midlands town of Tackleford. The current plot involves selkies (one of my favourite types of mythical beasts…)
Gunnerkrigg Court – Continuing strange goings on in a very unusual school.
Dresden Codak – Transhumanism, cyborgs and amazing artwork. An Ayn Rand analogue has just shown up, which should be… interesting.
Romantically Apocalyptic – Post-nuclear madness and (more) amazing  artwork. You shall obey Zee Captain!
XKCD – Wonderful geekiness.
Girl Genius – Ongoing gaslight fantasy adventures (don’t call it steampunk! They don’t like it!)
Wondermark – Recycling Victoriana into surrealism. Tusky McMammoth is my favourite.
Subnormality – Observations on the human condition. And Sphinxes.
Scandinavia and the World – What if countries were people? Stupid people?

There you go. That should keep y’all occupied.

Rødgrød med Fløde

Scandinavia and the World is a lot of fun.

It’s an irregularly updated webcomic that provides a Scandinavian view on the world by personifying countries as characters. Kind of like Axis Powers Hetalia but with a lot less stupidity.

It’s entertaining, informative and enjoyable, and I give it my hearty approval.

You should really start reading from the beginning, but if you just want a taste then the Christmas Traditions episode is my favourite. Oh, and my favourite character is of course Finland because there are plenty of days where I’d like to be able to get away with being a brooding, mute, knife-wielding maniac.

Finally, if you check it out and enjoy it, then this may be of interest.

That is all.

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