Apathy is sad.

I have a list of things to do as long as my arm, but can’t seem to get motivated to do any of them.

I just sit around surfing the net and watching TV.

I think it’s some kind of psychological hangover from my failed holiday – the brutal come down from all excitement and anticipation, combined with anxiety about the amount of money I’ve lost.

I hope I’ll snap out of it soon, but in the meantime you’ll all have to forgive me for being a dull, inactive, inattentive bastard.

6 thoughts on “Apathy”

    1. I’m already a big fan of The Oatmeal and Hyperbole and a Half – I literally almost choked to death reading this one for the first time 🙂

      I’m afraid the RSS feed is it for subscriptions now!

  1. Isn’t Allie great! I’ve only just discovered Hyperbole and a Half recently and can’t get enough of it. The other one I’m loving is Heathen Scripture which you put me on to via your very amusing melt down over Gina’s poetry. Let me know if there are any other great blogs you’re aware of… seems like you have excellent taste.

  2. She’s pretty amazing.

    I’ve made a post of all the blogs I regularly read, so we’ll see if your opinion of my taste survives 🙂

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