All Good Things

The end of the story of what happened next.

Well, FreakAngels is finished. A good, sensible ending where people take responsibility for their actions and things finally start to get better. Bravo Mr Ellis, Bravo!

On the other hand, what am I going to do with my Fridays now?

At the same time Warren is taking his leave of Whitechapel. The new landlord has moved in and is making himself at home, but it remains to be seen how things are going to go. He seems a reasonable sort, but nonetheless, things are going to change.

But hey, that’s a concern for the future. Let’s all just raise a glass to an amazing achievement – three and a half years of a high quality, FREE webcomic, and the building of a unique online community. Here’s to Warren, Paul, Ariana, the often forgotten about colourists and Avatar Press. Well done guys – even if you didn’t feature Miki anywhere near enough 😉

2 thoughts on “All Good Things”

  1. hey wyrm, my sister started a library course that central institute of tafe, anyways they were looking at blogs & your’s came up as one of the boring. something about a haircut & your job… just thought i would let you know.
    funny, you are been studied….
    big brother is after you!

  2. Boring?! My blog?! How DARE they!! How very DARE they!!

    Actually, yeah, it is rather boring. It reflects my life in that respect 😉

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