Do you Remember Jacko?

He’s an individual – you can’t fool him.

For years I’ve had a vague memory of a TV show or movie from many, many years ago. I only ever saw a few minutes of it, but those few minutes involved footballer Mark ‘Jacko’ Jackson driving around in a time traveling truck – or at least a truck that somehow got sucked back to the 1940s where people were very concerned about the Japanese characters on its tyres.

Now this is a concept weird enough to suggest that I dreamed the entire thing. I mean, who would cast Jacko in anything outside of an Energizer commercial? But, a bit of Googling has shown that I wasn’t hallucinating, and the series did in fact exist – The Highwayman, a fairly shambolic semi-sci-fi series that ran for a few episodes in 1987 and 1988.

Good. I’m not completely mad then.

Oh, and who remembers this?

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