The Crawling Chaos

The throne of Chaos where the thin flutes pipe mindlessly…

My sleep last night was disturbed by a truly odd array of noises floating in through my bedroom window. To wit…

  • Strange electric guitar warblings, sounding as if Jimmy Hendrix had taken some really bad acid.
  • Tuneless, repetitive piping on a recorder.
  • The sound of something large and metallic being dragged around the carpark.

It was positively Lovecraftian. I expected Nyarlathotep to manifest at any second.

5 thoughts on “The Crawling Chaos”

  1. If it wasn’t due to the fact that I know you so well, I would be asking you what drugs were you on last night… Couldn’t tell ya where the first two noises came from but the last one, You do remember that there is a building site just behind ya don’t ya??

  2. Even with non union labour I find it hard to believe they’d be working on the building site at 2:00am.

    Anyway all the building work’s now done. They just need to fit the place out.

  3. Finished already? wow that’s a surprise. Anyway I wasn’t referring to actual workmen working, I was referring to the fact that there would still be scrap metal and things like that around that might be either blowing in wind or kids/teens/animals playing with it.

    Anyway, I’m off to NSW tomorrow. I’m starting my long journey home tomorrow at last.

    And once again, Happy Birthday.

  4. Kids, animals or the wind simply ain’t in it. It sounded like a full engine block being slowly dragged across bitumen by chained blood-pact slaves 🙂

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