1045 and All That

The other history of England

There are times that I really struggle to hold my tongue.

On the train this morning I had to endure an emo guy informing one of his friends about English history. Highlights of his lecture included…

  • ‘One of’ the King Georges went mad from Syphillus.
  • The Saxons were French. They moved to England and thus became Anglo-Saxons.
  • King Henry VIII got divorced and married seven times as none of his wives could give him children.
  • William the Conqueror invaded in 1045.
  • Brittany, Scotland and Ireland all have exactly the same music.
  • The Irish and ‘Scotch’ hate the English, while the Welsh love them (because ‘they’re on the same island’).

I was severely tempted to leap out of my seat and beat him around the head with a copy of Macaulay, but instead contented myself with the thought that a single kick would snap both of his skinny-jean clad legs like twigs.

4 thoughts on “1045 and All That”

  1. Did he place Napoleon Bonaparte in the Battle of Hastings?
    Because if he didn’t, he clearly has no clue….


  2. Now you’re just being silly. We all know William Wallace was killed in the Hundred Years’ War by Emperor Titans in China during the Ming Dynasty of 1745.

  3. Yeah, but he would have been rescued by Clive of India if the Cutty Sark hadn’t been held up by NASA’s blockade of the Suez Canal.

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