Pyramid Cake of Sadness

The stupidity of the masses knows no bounds…

I don’t know what’s sadder…

1: People have only just realised that the signs of the zodiac are 2,000 odd years out of date.

2: People are freaking out that their zodiac sign has ‘changed’ (apparently a lot of them are worried that their personality is going to alter).

3: People actually believe astrology has any connection to reality at all – as opposed to being a load of complete horseshit.

(In the interest of full disclosure I should state that I’m a Pisces. The traits of Pisceans include being born in February/March. No, wait, that’s the only trait of Pisceans…)

2 thoughts on “Pyramid Cake of Sadness”

  1. Also people are all of a sudden realising that there are 13 constellations that the we pass through along the solar equator. Then again, constellations are pretty arbitrary arrangements anyway. Ophiuchus anyone?

  2. Man the whole idea is flawed! What do the Right for Life people do ? take nine months off their birthdate and that’s your zodiac sign what if ya a premature birth. then combine the fact that “believers” mold the details to suit the facts or vice-versa so the result is a personalized john edwards cold read. I bet a program of astro-gibberish quotes randomly placed in star sign and date would yield the same results
    Why don’t we look at the moon which has shown to affect behavior.

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