A New Word

From the Latin

I came up with a new word today – Sterculient.  It’s an adjective that means “not very good” 😉

I’m having a rather rough time of it at the moment with the old depression and anxiety – hence the lack of updates. In fact I ended up at the emergency department the other night getting my heart checked out (as I suspected my heart is as strong as ever and the sudden burst of agonising chest pains I experienced was nothing but stress – but I figured I should get it checked out because I wouldn’t be able to sleep otherwise from wondering if I was actually going to wake up).

Only a few working days left until Christmas though, and then a glorious two weeks off, so I should be OK. Eventually.

6 thoughts on “A New Word”

  1. Try “disconbobulated” on for size. I gotta ask Bek how to spell that properly. It means scattered in very basic terms

  2. What’s the etymology of “sterculient”?
    I did a google search for “sterculient” and it is one of the few times I’ve seen google return no results. it’s like totally uncharted territory!

    Maybe if you get heaps of people to do many searches a day for “sterculient” the google spiders will find your page and boost traffic to your site? ok, gonna stop saying sterculient before I go ster-culient crazy!

    Hope you’re feeling better, old chap

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