My parents are dead, my life sucks, I can’t hold down a girlfriend, and I’m surrounded by f****** goblins and s*** all the time!

Feeling burnt out, tired and antisocial, and wishing the world would just go away (hmmm, self censoring there – to be truly accurate I wish the world would f-off) (hmmm, self censoring self censoring – I’m in a bad way…) for a few days. Unfortunately I have to go to work.

I shall try and restrain myself from stabbing people until the weekend. No promises though.

8 thoughts on “Angst”

  1. Last night was fine – it just shredded the last reserves of social energy at my disposal. A weekend of doing nothing and my scheduled Monday off will sort me out. As long as I can survive the rest of today and all of tomorrow without reverting into a feral or ‘wolf-like’ state.

  2. Well, you must of done SOMETHING right last night. You got RAVE reviews from everyone you met, so your social energy was ON last night. That’s what must of worn you out.

  3. and also saying WOW all the time helps. I’ve herd a bit about the art show from various sources, would like your version of events.

  4. What’s there to say? Went, looked at art, ate spring rolls and Turkish bread, looked at more art, ran into Andrew, got introduced to some people, avoided speeches by having meeting with another artist involved in the planned exhibition, ate more Turkish bread, got introduced to some more people, went and looked for a bus home, decided to get the train, decided to get the bus instead, caught bus, came home.

    Some very interesting and creative pieces, a few that did absolutely nothing for me, and interesting way to spend a few hours.

  5. Sorry, I wasn’t sure of the camera protocol so I didn’t take any. Apart from a shot of the moon from the courtyard which is up on my Flickr stream.

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