Oo! The mail is here!

Boxes boxes boxes!

In the last few days I have taken delivery of two packets of mixed Lego, three boxes of books from Amazon including one (for some reason) in a gigantic US mail bag, a box of three flamingo stools (stools that you sit on), a big wad of cruise brochures and a collectors edition of Fallout: New Vegas.

If it wasn’t for the fact that this place always looks like an explosion in a post office, I’d say it looks like an explosion in a post office.

3 thoughts on “Oo! The mail is here!”

  1. And what I ask is wrong with retro-gamer style flamingo stools? I bought them so that people would have more seating options when I get my place cleaned up and can entertain – I’ll guess you’ll just have to stand 😉

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