I have no truck with Gregorian calendar!

It’s the tenth of the tenth 2010. Oh wow.

I have to say I find this rather boring. I mean, we’ve had the 1st of the 1st 2001, the 2nd of the 2nd 2002, the 3rd of the 3rd 2003 and so one, and no one made a fuss about them (well, apart from 1/1/1 obviously, and some religious types got upset on 6/6/6). And we’re going to be getting the 11th of the 11th 2011 and the 12th of the 12th 2012 (assuming the Mayans haven’t come back and eaten us or something). I don’t regard any of these as being at all interesting, with the exception of 12/12/12 which is only interesting because it’s the last one.

So get back to me in 2 years, 2 month and 2 days. Then I might be interested.

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