It’s new word time!

Nimboidadjective – Highly musclebound, of low intellect and prone to violence, often as the result of hormonal imbalance (see nimboidism).

My brother and I invented the word ‘nimboid’ as children after seeing a TV news article about the z-movie classic A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell and mishearing the title. We didn’t necessarily formalise the definition, I just always figured – after assuming one of the musclebound freaks show in clips from the movie was the barbarian of the title – that this is what it meant.

Go on! try it out next time you pass a rugby league player!

2 thoughts on “Nimboid”

  1. Very odd, this. I was just revising some of my old poems, including one about crows written in 1988 in which I described them as ‘nimboid cawings’. Thought I’d look the word up online to check definitions as it felt kind of odd today (for the first time), and came up with (only!) your site. So, to Denys from Denise (my given name). Like I said, very odd!

    1. It seems to be one of those rare words that sounds perfectly natural, but doesn’t actually exist in English. I guess – despite my definition – it basically means whatever the user wants it to mean.

      I do like this interpretation though đŸ™‚

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