But who’ll look after the graves?

I know, I shouldn’t mock the internet people.

Some comments from the news article Family sets sail for Australia like it’s 1854 on news.com.au today…

By 1854 every ship afloat was equipped with sextants and chronometers, which accurately measured latitude and longitude respectively and made navigation safe and reliable. If this bloke is “navigating by the stars” without even these instruments, he is not replicating an 1854 voyage, he is back in the age of the Vikings.

Posted by: chris of canberra

Chris of Canberra – read the article mate. They are recreating a voyage undertaken in 1854 by 7 people escaping from abject poverty. How were people below the poverty line in 1854 going to be able to afford a sexton and a chronometer. Navel chronometers were insanely expensive pieces of kit back when all clocks were mechanical.

Posted by: Badger of Melbourne

Badger of Melbourne – I’m currently planning a sea voyage myself and never stopped to consider the high cost of hiring church officials to take with me. Thanks for the heads up!

Posted by: Purple Wyrm of Sexton vs Sextant Land

I know I shouldn’t mock, but sometimes I just can’t help myself 🙂

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