Eels up inside ya! Finding an entrance where they can!

I finally manged to do something I’ve been intending to for ages last night, and caught an episode of The Mighty Boosh. I’ve been hearing good things about it for quite a while, but it’s never been on (as far as I know) at a decent time. Last night though SBS had it on at 9:00, so I checked it out.

What was it like? Well, the phrase “a screaming bag of madness” springs to mind. It was like my TV had suddenly started picking up signals from the alternative universe and was showing things beyond the comprehension of those us limited to a mere four dimensions. It was a cavalcade of unrelenting insanity, leaving the viewer (ie: me) with a shocked and confused impression of flying carpets, gorillas, flamingo legged pop-stars, pink squid-head things, terrifying green cockneys, and eels.

Needless to say I shall definitely be tuning in next week 🙂

And to share the love – Eels!

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