It’s a Brave New World!

Finally did the thing I should have done long ago

You know the hardest thing (for me) about maintaining a blog has always been the amount of work necessary to actually make an entry. Not the writing bit – I suffer from near permanent literary diarrhoea (wow, that sounds unpleasant) – but the spell checking, the mark up, the logging in to my account, the posting, the proofreading – you get the idea.

(Yeah, yeah, this is what comes from co-opting a system never intended to do blogging for the purpose of blogging – I’m lying in a bed of my own making, I know it.)

When the blogosphere (or at least my own personal part of it) was fresh and new, this wasn’t a problem. I was so enthused about posting my own brand of inane chatter on “the interwebs” that the inconvenience was worth it. Seven years on (I’ve been writing this thing for seven years!? Copre Sanctum!!) the allure has faded. I can’t count the times I’ve had things to write about, but just haven’t had the energy to face the rigmarole of getting a post up. The end result? A posting rate declining faster than the US dollar.

But no more! I stayed back at work tonight and got a nice, simple, secure and (above all else) easy page up that automatically takes care of spell checking, markup, logging in and posting – all in one integrated action. I write, I click, and the post is up!

(You know, the kind of thing proper blogs have had for years.)

So, from now on expect more blogging action, more often! Who knows, I may even have time to catch up with the rest of the web and program in comments.

Lolwut - or The Biting Pear of Salamanca

As a final note I thought I’d write about something (or rather someone) I’ve been meaning to mention for ages. About a year ago it suddenly occurred to me (I was probably quite bored) to track down the origin of that bizarre “lolwut” picture. You know, the pear with the teeth, and the giraffes, and the lighthouse thing?

So I poked around, and discovered the deviantART portfolio of one Ursula Vernon.

I was hooked (go on, go take a look).

Not only is her art fantastic, but she accompanies most works with a short piece of narrative, which merely hooked me more (go on, take another look!).

I make a point of checking her gallery for new work at least once a week, and recommend that you do so too. Go on! Do it! 🙂

(My favourite is the Carousel Walrus)

OK, enough waffling for now. Look forwards to more posts. More posts! MORE POSTS!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

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