Dip the Apple in the Brew…

Let the sleeping death seep through

So I get up this morning and (after showering, shaving and getting dressed – eating breakfast in one’s bedclothes is so uncivilised 😉 head into the kitchen to get breakfast. I open the fridge and immediately notice a number of things…

1) The three litre plastic bottle of apple juice in the fridge door seems to have imploded, and is around two thirds its normal size.

2) The bottom of said fridge is full of a liquid that looks suspiciously like apple juice.

3) The floor around the fridge is covered in the same liquid.

Forensic examination of the scene quickly revealed that at some point during the night the bottle developed a pinhole leak, drip-siphoning juice all over the bottom of the fridge, which then leaked it all over the floor. Great.

So, I get down on my hands and knees with a big wad of paper towels and start to mop it all up. It’s at this point that I notice the apple juice has pooled around the big chunk of rat poison down the side of the fridge – the one whose instructions strictly forbid touching it with bare flesh or even breathing deeply within a fifteen foot radius. So not only is my kitchen floor covered with apple juice, it’s covered with poison apple juice!

I eventually got it all cleaned up, hopefully without poisoning myself. *sigh*

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